Friday, February 10, 2012

The One With The Comic Reviews II: This Time, It Happens Again!

The passing of another Wednesday heralds the coming of a new review post!

I'm experimenting with melodrama. Anyway, I wanted to post my thoughts on the comics I picked up this week. After giving it some thought, I decided I might try a shorter format. I don't really want to write an entire paragraph or three about each title, and I'm pretty sure that you don't want to read all of that. So, in an effort to streamline the reviews, I'm tweaking the format. The One Word Review and the Most Awesome will stay, but the TL;DR section of each review will be replaced by Least Awesome. Not bad, mind you, just the least awesome part of any given book. I am still trying to keep things positive, after all. Engage!

The haul:

This week it was all DC titles, in case you couldn't tell. And I forgot to pick up Suicide Squad like an idiot, so I'll be lumping that one in next time.

Batgirl #6
One Word Review: Endearing
Most Awesome: A touching scene that offers a brief glimpse of the softer side of Growly McBatSharkRepellent
Least Awesome: Batgirl's dialogue can often get a little corny, but with a character so relentlessly effervescent, it's forgivable

Batwoman #6
One Word Review: Disjointed
Most Awesome: Batwoman reveling in the coolness of her new suit upgrade
Least Awesome: Guest artist Amy Reeder does her best to maintain the books style, but after being spoiled by five issues of gorgeousness, it just isn't the same

Demon Knights #6
One Word Review: ACTION!
Most Awesome: Did you see the cover?! It was that!
Least Awesome: The characters and their interactions with each other are finally becoming more clear, and it only took 6 issues!

Green Lantern #6
One Word Review: Awww...(<--sitcom style)
Most Awesome: Hal engages in some impressive heroics without the use of his ring
Least Awesome: Another guest artist complaint, but Mike Choi's art looks more webcomic quality than big name comic quality; however, there are a few really nice panels

Resurrection Man #6
One Word Review: Finally!
Most Awesome: After delving into his sordid past, this issue spotlights Mitch Shelley, indomitable force of justice! At last, an issue that lives up to the promise of issue 1!
Least Awesome: The worry that this was only a bright moment before the series descends back into a weird mediocrity

Superboy #6
One Word Review: Almost
Most Awesome: Superboy taking new and strange developments with his powers in stride
Least Awesome: Another cool character design reduced to Chunky Boots

So that's it for this week's reviews. What did you think? This time I'm feeling like I wrote too little. I'll keep puttering around with it. Need me to elaborate on anything? Agree? Disagree? Or do you have anything you'd like me to write about next? I welcome your suggestions!

Parting joke!

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Jake Dickerman said...

Personally, I preferred the TL;DR. I actually found out what you thought about the individual books that you were reading. I don't feel like I'm getting much of your thoughts on these books.